COVID-19 and Small Things

Due to the rising concerns for the public and for our volunteers Small Things has decided to close for the time being. This is in an effort to keep not just the public safe but to keep our volunteers safe as well. We will be reopening once this has all been sorted but for now we will be helping by promoting other rescues that are doing fundraising or looking for fosters.

Please keep yourself safe and we will be back up and running before you know it!

Big Thank You – $500.00 donation today!

A big thank you to David Leeson who made a $500.00 donation through our Donation Portal today!  For the past 5 years a group of Facebook friends get together online and “bet” on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl MVP (Most Valuable Puppy :). The friend/friends who pick the “winner” gets to decide which rescue/sanctuary/animal advocate group gets the pot.  Laurentian Prof. David Leeson has asked that his share ($500) goes to Small Things CATS! Thank you for all you do for the kitties.  David’s donation is enough to pay for 5 cat neuters!

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