About Small Things: 

  1. What does your adoption fee include?
    1. Fixing, Defleaing, Deworming, first set of vaccines, microchip, City License, free trial of pet insurance
  2. What are your prices? 
    1. Our prices depend on the age of the cat. Cats 2 years and under are $160. 3-5 years are $100. And 6 and older are $60.
  3. What is your adoption process? 
    1. We do same day adoptions. You come in and pick out your cat, we will go through the adoption contract together. You give us the adoption fee and then you get to go home with your new kitty! 
  4. What is your return policy? 
    1. You have up to 30 days to return the cat but you will only receive a refund within the first two weeks. 
  5. How old do you need to be to adopt a cat? 
    1. As it is a legal contract we ask that all our adopters be 18 years of age. 

About Cats:

  1. Would male or female be better?
    1. Once the cat is fixed it doesn’t make much of a difference in the gender. We tend to look at the personalities and interactions of the cats with other cats in order to determine who would fit best with other pets.  
  2. How long do cats generally live? 
    1. If a cat resides indoors exclusively, the typical lifespan ranges somewhere between 13 and 17 years. However, it isn’t uncommon for indoor cats to live to at least 20.
  3. What food do you feed the cats?
    1. Because we are run primarily off of donations it is a mix of everything and anything. We try to keep a base of royal canin for the dry food, which the cats have access to at all the time and then once or twice a day they get wet food. 
  4. Are the cats good with dogs?
    1.  Every once in a while do get a dog tested cat but most of our cats are strays and are not dog tested. We do however tend to get a good feel for our cats and can point you in the direction of a cat that we think would do well with a dog.
  5. How long does it take for a new cat to adjust?
    1. This actually varies from cat to cat and home to home. If you adopt a shy cat it may take months for them to feel completely comfortable. While an outgoing cat may only take a few hours. It also depends on whether the house has other pets or not. 
  6. How do you properly introduce a new kitty to other pets in the house? 
    1. We always recommend a slow introduction for new animals. This process should take about 2 weeks on average. There are many good videos online that go through the process of introduction. We suggest starting with the new pet in their own room and having the 2 pets smelling each other through the door as well as giving both cats a bed or blanket that smells like the other cat. Then through a cracked door  let them see each other. Give lots of treats and love to both cats. Once they seem ok with that you can bring the new cat in a carrier into the main room and again let them see each other for about 20 minutes at a time replacing the new cat in the separate room after each visit. Do this until either the cat no longer shows interest or climbs on the carrier. Once this happens allow the new kitty to come out during the day and back to their room for 2 nights.


  1. I found a cat and can’t keep him, what do I do?/ I have a cat, can I surrender it to you? 
    1. Small Things does not take cats from the streets as we do not provide veterinary care for our animals The City of Sudbury Animal Shelter does all of our veterinary care. While your cat may be healthy and fixed that does not mean that it will stay that way at the shelter. We suggest you call 311 for a stray cat or surrender your cat to the City of Sudbury. 
  2. Do you need fosters? 
    1. Small things does not use foster homes as most of our cats do not stay in the shop for long enough to make it worth using fosters. 
  3. Do you have kittens? 
    1. The youngest kittens we get is about 4 months as that is the earliest that they can get fixed. Even then we do not get them very often as kittens go pretty fast and are usually scooped up at the City shelter faster than they can get to us. 
  4. I have allergies so do you have any short haired cats? 
    1. Every person is different and so not every person is allergic to just the long haired cats. Most of the time it’s not the hair that people are allergic to it’s the dander or saliva. These differ in amount from cat to cat so we always suggest coming into the shop and testing out the cat by touching it and seeing if you get a reaction.
  5.  The cat that I adopted got sick. What should I do?
    1. We suggest that you take it to a vet or if you feel that you cannot afford a vet trip you are welcome to bring the cat back (as long as it is within your 30 day return period). With the purchase of your kitty you do get a trial of pet insurance which should help cover vet costs. Small Things will not be reimbursing any veterinary fees you may incur while the kitty is home with you.
  6. Do you board cats?
    1. We are an adoption center and so we do not board cats. 
  7. Why does it cost to adopt a cat?
    1. There are many things that the money from adoptions is put towards. Fixing the cats is the biggest reason that it costs to adopt a cat. The money is also used to buy litter, food and toys for the kitties in the shop when needed. We run mostly off of donations but sometimes we need to supplement those donations by buying things ourselves. 


  1. Are you looking for volunteers? 
    1. We are always looking for volunteers. You just have to fill out a volunteer form and either email it in or drop it off at the shop. 
  2. Can my child volunteer?
    1. All our volunteers must be over the age of 16 to volunteer. You are more than welcome to come in with your child though and hang out with the cats as the volunteers don’t always have enough time to play with the kitties as much as the kitties want to play.