Past Adoptions

  Small Things is SUPER EXCITED to announce that we had 359 Adoptions in 2017!!! 

  We are a tad sad we didn’t make it to 365 (a cat a day) BUT – we are SOOOOO very Proud of this amazing accomplishment nonetheless… (We would like to be optimistic and say that we probably would have gotten to 365 if we didn’t close for 10 days to clean and repaint the Shop  lol )

WE at Small Things want to THANK each and every one of our Adopters, Donors & Supporters, The Rainbow District Animal Shelter, The City of Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter and ALL of the Wonderful Rescues we work with for such a fabulous year! Without you all, Small Things wouldn’t be the most AWESOM-EST CAT ADOPTION CENTRE ~ EVER!!!

We also want to personally THANK EVERY ONE of OUR incredibly generous, kind, patient, hard working Team of AMAZING VOLUNTEERS!!! YOU are the ones who go in, day after day and make our Shop beautiful and keep our kitties peppy, perky, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and Our Customers Super HAPPY with their New Furry Friend!!!

❤️ Much love to you ALL – and here’s to a New Year with More Amazing and Successful Kitty Adoptions!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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****************************Note to ALL our ADOPTERS: Please feel free to post updates of your adopted kitty under its…

Posted by Suzan Sacchetto on Monday, 2 January 2017